Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: Java FTP Servers

I needed an FTP server to perform functional testing of some FTP client Java code (commons vfs). The top 5 Google results for "Java FTP Server" were:

Apache MINA FtpServer - Runs as standalone or embedded; free and open source (Apache License)

FtpGoServer - Runs as standalone; source can be purchased

jftpd - Runs as standalone; appears outdated (last release in 2001); incomplete implementation

Java Secure FTP Server - Runs as standalone; free and open source (GPL)

Colorado FTP - Runs as standalone; free and open source (LGPL)

My pick is Apache Mina FtpServer. It's an active project. It can be easily embedded into any functional test -- the alternatives require peering into the source, writing adapter classes, etc.. It's also the only one that shows significant activity in Google Trends.

UPDATE 5/26/09: Documentation of Apache Mina is pretty thin (as with the other FTP packages).

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